26 Nov 2016

Love thy drill

Here is what I did one day, a few moths ago with some salvaged wood from the broken slats of my kids bunk bed and a drill that a girlfriend had lent me. 

Maybe it was beginners luck but it did take only 10 min. That's all. Admittedly I took 6 of the slats to a local wood company and they cut them in half so I used the halves for the sides of my box. The caster wheels where given to me by said friend and all I had to purchase was a cylinder wood rod for the top and two long pieces for wood to construct the bit where the clothes are hanged.

Needless to say it is loved by my little ones and so well used that it is currently overflowing with all sorts of dressing up stuff and accessories.

I loved working with wood so much that I made a quick tent too. It didn't survive after it was taken to the garden but the kids loved it.

Have a great weekend!

Irina xx

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